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Midsummer Tree Celebration

Date: Tuesday June 23rd 2015, 10pm

Venue: Starting at the Cricketers Pub, Broadwater Green, Worthing.


Once again Worthing Downlanders are joining with others for a Midsummer Celebration.

And is by now customary, we will be meeting at the Cricketers pub beforehand for a drink or two!

It is then just a short walk across the Green to the tree (Near the Grove Lodge Roundabout), where folk songs are recited whilst dancing around the tree.

This tree, believed to be over 300 years old, was once celebrated in local folklore. Every year, at midnight on Midsummers Eve, it was believed that skeletons would rise up from its roots and dance to the rattling of their own bones until daybreak.


Date: Sunday 12th July 2015, 10.00am

Venue: Meet Cissbury Car Park, Storrington Rise, Findon Valley

Butterfly & Wild Herbs Walk with Brian Day.

Saturday 10th October

Foraging walk in association with Worthing Transition Town. Details TBC

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